Meet Kimberley Beecham – Team Leader & Senior Insurance Broker at our Fairfield Location

Kimberley Beecham
Sep 12

“Harbord is a family company so they understand the needs of parents and really work with their staff to make sure the transition is as painless as possible”.

Meet Kimberley, one of our Senior Insurance Brokers. Kimberley moved from Gibsons, B.C. to Victoria in 2006 and she has experience in many aspects of insurance, but her specialties are in Strata Duplex’s, High Value Homes, Home insurance, Travel Medical insurance plus ICBC and Private Auto insurance.

“I began my career in the insurance industry in 2004, joining Harbord in 2006, I quickly realised that Harbord clients are very loyal, they like to stick to the brokers they know and have a relationship with. We have a lot of lovely clients!”

“Harbord has grown in the last few years but still manages to stay true to its core values, always doing what’s best for its clients, staff and insurers, it’s a company that really cares about the individuals that work for it,, they are accommodating, and will allow you to work your way up in the company while also giving you flexibility to balance work and family life.”

“I’m really enjoying my recent move to our Fairfield location and look forward to continuing building relationships with our clients and my co-workers”.