Travelling This Christmas? Reasons To Get Travel Insurance For Your Trip

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Dec 05

We’ve all been there. You’re planning a holiday – whether it be for work or vacation – and travel insurance is offered. This may seem like an added expense in the moment. Especially if you’re purchasing everything with a credit card which includes some sort of travel insurance. Buying a complete package of dedicated travel insurance for your holiday can save you from many hassles that wouldn’t be covered otherwise. Read on to learn about the many ways comprehensive travel insurance can come in handy.

If You Need Emergency Medical Care

Some of the most costly expenses that one may need travel insurance for are emergency medical care expenses. If you are travelling, and an accident happens that requires you to visit a hospital due to needed emergency care – the bill can be more than overwhelming. From finding safe transportation to the hospital, to the care that you receive at the facility – the bill can come out to thousands of dollars. Travel insurance will ensure that you don’t break the bank if such an emergency occurs.

Although this is the type of situation most people think of when they think about travel insurance, there are many other situations where this type of coverage can save you money.

If You Have To Cancel Your Trip

Many times when we plan a trip we end up booking and paying for activities upfront. Some of these activities may be non-refundable such as tours & rentals. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your trip, you may have lost that money. With the right travel insurance, you can get these non-refundable costs back into your pocket.

If Your Flight Gets Cancelled

Flights get cancelled all the time. This is usually due to factors out of our control like bad weather. When our flight gets cancelled, it is up to us to either find a different mode of transportation to make our way to the destination, or find a hotel to stay in until another flight can be booked. These unforeseen events can add to the overall bill of your trip. That is, unless you have the right travel insurance to cover these unforeseen costs.

If You Miss Flight Connections

A flight being cancelled can derail travel plans, but even delays that cause us to miss connecting flights can have the same impact. One missed connection can mean multiple missed connections, and extra expenses are common if one needs to make other plans. The right travel insurance can cover you for these types of situations too.

If Your Baggage Is Lost or Delayed

Let’s say your flights are all good, but unfortunately the airline misplaced your bag and now your baggage is lost or delayed – this happens often. You may need to purchase some extra clothes and toiletries in order to stay clean (and sane) while you wait for your bags to hopefully arrive quickly.  These extra costs won’t be covered, but if you have the right travel insurance they can be!

If You Lose Your Passport

Losing your passport is never a good thing. if you’re travelling abroad, you will need a passport to get back home. Unfortunately, getting a passport can take time and money. With the right travel insurance, you won’t need to worry about the extra costs associated with getting a new passport, and you can even get one expedited too without worrying about extra costs.

If A Natural Disaster Happens

You may not have to cancel your trip yourself, but if some sort of natural disaster occurs in your travel destination it may get cancelled anyways. Again, if you have booked/purchased anything that is non-refundable you will lose that money – unless you have the right travel insurance that can reimburse you for those losses, as well as help you possibly find other travel arrangements.


The Bottom Line On Travel Insurance

Although it may seem like an unnecessary added expense at the time, travel insurance has the ability to save us thousands of dollars in unforeseen travel expenses with the right coverage. From emergency medical care expenses while abroad, to flight cancellations or delays, to lost passports and more – travel insurance can definitely come in handy. Because of this, we highly encourage all travelers to strongly consider the right travel insurance coverage for their trips. We hope this post has helped you see the real value of proper travel insurance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any pending questions about travel insurance coverage for your trip.


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